Know your customers

chance of detecting possible problem gambling
88 %
chance of detecting harmless behavior
99 %
problem gamblers manually identified also detected by GameScanner
98 %
overall consistency between GameScanner and expert opinion
93 %

About GameScanner

The award-winning technology behind GameScanner is an artificial intelligence solution harvesting the newest knowledge in neuroscience which identifies problem gambling behavior with the same performance as expert psychologists. GameScanner learns by observing real human experts as they meticulously assess and compare every aspect of the individual customer's gambling history. This gives GameScanner the unique ability to weigh different indicators of controlled as well as addictive behavior, the same way experienced psychologists do every day. This also give GameScanner the important ability to explain its decisions. Experts give clearly understandable reasons for their assessments, which the AI behind GameScanner in turn picks up and uses for evaluating new customers. GameScanner provides not only a human-matched risk score but also gives interpretable reasons which form the basis of communicating with customers either automatically or via the operator's customer care team. The real advantage, of course, is that GameScanner continues to learn, keeps up-to-date with current neuroscience and psychological practice and refines customer dialogue.


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Research behind the game

Expert evaluation

Developed by researchers, problem gambling specialists and psychologists, GameScanner is based on the meticulous analysis and assessment of several thousand gambling patterns.

Neuroscience & AI

The GameScanner algorithm detects problem gamblers with an accuracy of 88%, compared to expert evaluations, encapturing the complexity of every individual problem gambling behavior.

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