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    Meet the team

    Rasmus Kjaergaard


    Rasmus has 15+ years of experience in selling complex it-solutions B2B especially within the field of Multi-factor authentication, eID and digital signature to many of the largest and most important organizations in Denmark – both in the private and public sector. He has also participated in developing an it-startup business from a small company to market leader with all the aspects regarding customer relationships, marketing, delivery of the it-solutions to the customers and supporting the customers afterwards at a very high customer service level.

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    Kim Mouridsen

    Kim Mouridsen

    Founder, Professor

    Kim is head of Neuroimaging Methods at the Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience and MINDLab. He has previously worked at the University College of London and held faculty positions at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has a track-record of developing clinically applicable decision support tools and predictive models, and developed the core technology used in Cercare Medical. As an entrepreneur, Kim has co-founded several successful companies in the decision support segment.


    Svend Aage Kirk


    Svend Aage has 20+ years experience as a CEO and in general management, international business development/-sales and marketing. He has worked in many different industries including founding businesses in Asia. Svend Aage’s experience ranges from start-ups to large companies with 300+ employees.

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    Lisa Beuschau

    Lisa Beuschau

    MA, Marketing Manager

    Lisa has a background in corporate communications, both working in global and Danish companies and lecturing intercultural communication. She drives Mindway AI’s marketing strategy and plays a key role in conceptualising responsible gambling solutions. She has a strong interest in human wellbeing in juggling modern life and is dedicated to creating a safe zone in which gambling is fun, not harmful. She also has experience with start-ups, having started two businesses on her own.

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    Peter Emil Tybirk

    MSc, AI developer

    Peter Emil has a strong quantitative background in Mathematics-Economics with specialization in machine learning and mathematical modelling. Peter Emil has been a teaching assistant in 6 different courses on Aarhus University including Machine Learning, Mathematical Analysis and Introduction to programming and he is a self-proclaimed Python aficionado.


    Allan Rudwill

    MSc, DevOps Engineer

    Allan holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University. He has 10+ years of experience with developing and running software from several areas, including life sciences and academic publishing. He is passionate about the DevOps culture, and integrates the principles everywhere possible. Automation and reliability are especially important to Allan.


    Joshua Skewes

    PhD, Lead Cognitive Scientist

    Joshua is head of Linguistics, Cognitive Science, and Semiotics, and Co-Director of the Interacting Minds Centre. He has degrees in psychology, philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. His main research interest is in the application of theoretical models of cognitive processing to naturally occurring behavioral data. Specific topics of interest include social interaction, collective decision making, clinical disorders of perception and decision making, and social robotics.


    Damien Brevers

    PhD, Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Damien is Co-Director of the Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours Lab (ACB-Lab) at the University of Luxembourg. He has degrees in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience. His research focuses on how rewarding activities and habits are involved in the development and maintenance of psychopathological states e.g. gambling disorder, peak performance e.g. elite sport, as well as optimal habits, such as pro-environmental behaviors.


    Simon Hansen

    Stud. MSc, Intern

    Simon is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science at Aarhus University. He has an interest in how formal cognitive models can be used to deepen the understanding of the mental processes underlying behaviour. During his studies he has done multiple projects on the potential of screening and modelling of early problematic gambling behaviour, including one scientific publication.


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