April 4, 2020

The Brain: making decisions or just seeking reward?

The Brain: making decisions or just seeking reward?

15 April 2020, 3pm

"The Brain: making decisions or just seeking reward?" is the second webinar in a series investigating what happens inside the brain during gambling and development of addiction. This webinar will discuss the roles of self-awareness, our ’inner voice’ and self-control in decision-making when we are exposed to risk. When is there an opening for bad habits to develop by seeking out artificial rewards? How does the brain process risk, wins and losses and how can we use artificial intelligence to assess the decision-making ’health’ in individuals? Those are only a few of the questions that Professor Kim Mouridsen will answer. He will also touch upon the unexpected fallacies in human routine decision making, whether AI inherits our cognitive biases – or can actually mitigate them.

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