April 2, 2020

Mindway AI launches demo tools for iGaming operators to try responsible gambling solutions online

The current COVID-19 crisis has sped up the launch of two demo tools developed by Mindway AI. It is now possible for operators to try a demo version of GameScanner and Gamalyze on a demo site.

Mindway AI that develops solutions for identification of at-risk gambling has developed two demo tools that make it possible for iGaming operators to try the GameScanner solution in a simplified version and Gamalyze which is a gamified self-test online. GameScanner is an award-winning solution based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence that analyzes gamblers’ data and identifies problem gamblers with the same performance as expert psychologists within the field. Furthermore, it explains why a gambler is rated at a certain risk level. With a sample dataset on select customers, operators can get a quick analysis of their customers’ risk scores. For the first time, advanced AI technology like GameScanner is made available for hands-on experience.

Gamalyze is also available for operators to try. Self-tests are usually based on questions and inevitably create self-assessment bias. Gamalyze is a card game and while the game is played the technology behind it analyzes decision making behavior. Based on this behavior a risk level and individualized advice is given to the gambler. Both solutions are part of Mindway Solution Suite that also entails GameChanger.

With no conferences, exhibitions or customer meetings in the calendar, it is important for us to still make our solutions available for testing in an easily accessible way. With the launch of these demo versions, operators can see first-hand the value behind these solutions and how it can assist in protecting their customers” says Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI.

Research shows that the number of problem gamblers which is 1-2% of all gamblers is unchanged before, during and after times of crises. As there currently is no sports betting and physical casinos are closed, online gambling is expected to see quite a surge. People will still gamble even though their usual gambling habits aren’t possible – they will just find another way. Another “risk factor” is time. Many people are quarantined and have more time to gamble. Stress and anxiety which many people experience during crises can also make people gamble more as self-control is affected in these conditions. It is more relevant than ever for online gambling providers to keep an eye on their customers’ behavior. Both demo tools can give operators quick and easy insight into how they can protect their customers.


CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard +45 93 30 20 99, rk@mindway-ai.com

Press requests: Marketing Manager Lisa Beuschau, +45 30 62 28 14, lb@mindway-ai.com

About Mindway AI:

Mindway AI is an award-winning software company that creates innovative and advanced tech solutions for the identification of at-risk gambling and problem gambling. Based on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Mindway AI works with betting operators, platform providers, regulators and governments to supply state-of-the-art early detection and intervention solutions for safer gambling.

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